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Vitally and Intimately Connected

Ministry is tough and those in ministry are some of the hardest working and most underappreciated individuals on the planet. The expectations placed on spiritual leaders and mentors is extremely unrealistic.

Often there is very little support offered and when it is, it is not adequately sustainable. Most individuals in ministry end up stressed, feeling unsupported, unappreciated, and alone.

We exist to support those who are on the frontlines of service to God’s people by creating a safe space where they are seen and heard. By offering ongoing support and accountability without judgement and by mirroring the love of Christ back to them and allowing for the grace that is needed to continue the work they are called to.

Our intention is to serve those in service with coaching that addresses the entirety of the human condition – spirit, soul, and body.

We provide a combination of health and life coaching with a strong emphasis on Scripture.

This blog exists for the purpose of encouraging the Body of Christ and its leaders.


Our Story

Working on this right now so hold on. I promise you, it will be epic!

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