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...the practice of meeting people privately and confidentially, praying for guidance through seemingly unmanageable circumstances, and being bolstered as those circumstances are ultimately and intuitively resolved...seemingly solutions to situations that were once baffling, but then wonderfully and creatively revealed through HIS guidance...all-the-while following a mutually understood plan of action.

Bill began his walk of service through a small college in Nebraska. Athletically inclined, he found himself on football teams that rose to the level of National Rankings for two of his four years on campus. During those years he found the value of dependence upon 'team' and a group, when working in harmony, could achieve wonderful levels of achievement.

Choosing to be of service for others, he entered into education and administration for five years. Private industry lured him into service work in the area of Property and Casualty Insurance. His focus was on large businesses and developing revised safety habits for employees, thereby reducing injuries and illnesses in the workplace, and creating a healthier workplace environment.

After twenty five years and retiring from a career in insurance and risk management, Bill studied for and received a second Master's Degree, choosing to work with behaviorally challenged High School children. Experiences in this field of work allowed him to find an ever-deepening search for, and understanding of human nature and God's work within it.

Ultimately retiring from a second career from the above-named variations of teaching, Bill was shown (through prayer and contemplation) a retirement career of Life/Health Coaching. In the spirit of Barzallai (an Old Testament loyalist of King David) he has found himself consolidating his education and risk management experiences, and walking step-by-step with those who have found themselves over-wrought to the point of poor physical health, disillusionment and despair...predominantly in the field of the Clergy.

Having continued to be athletic, Bill continues to have a focus on daily healthy nutrition practices and physical activities. He has survived rugby in the earlier years, run four marathons, and runs two half-marathons per year while attending weekly cross-training H.I.I.T. Classes. He plans to run another full marathon this year for his 70th Birthday.

Bill holds Certifications in Life and Health Coaching from HCI, a member of the International Coaching Foundation. He hold Masters Degrees from the University of Nebraska, Kearney, in Elementary Education (M.A. Ed Admin), and Secondary Special Education (M.A. SpEd). He also has an Associated Advisor in Insurance certificate(AAI), and a Certified Insurance Counsellor certificate (CIC).

He is a Certified Lay Servant Minister in his Methodist Church, active in the local Volunteer Fire Department, a member of Buglers Across America (BAA), and is active in recovery programs throughout Central Nebraska.

Bill is happily married with five adult children and six grandchildren.

William A. Brown

There is always, always, always something to be grateful

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