Be still and Know ...

Psalm 46:10, Be still and know …

Be Still. Stop for a moment. Slow down and breath. Slow down enough to hear the sound of

your own breathe and feel the rhythm of your heart dancing within your chest. Stop and feel life. Your life. The surge of blood pulsating through your veins. Oxygen flowing in and out of your body like waves.

Stop and imagine. Imagine the life that God desires for you. See it. Touch it. Feel it. Feel that life within your life. Breath it in. Feel its rhythm within the core of your existence. Let it surge through your veins.

Now, you who were made in the image of the Creator, create. Begin to create that life, here and now. The ageless wisdom and limitless power of God resides in you. Receive the Divine breathe and live. Live your destiny. Live your purpose. Live your dream. That dream was seeded by God. Planted in your heart. Anchored in your soul. Growing through your spirit. Blossoming in your life.

Be still and know. Know that He is God and God in you is Great.

Juan J Pulido

Transformational Fitness Coach