Happiness Scale


This is a check-in on your happiness scale : )

So, are you happy? It’s a simple question, but it sure does make us stop & think when someone asks us that. When was the last time you actually asked yourself? “Am I happy?”

As a Health & Life Coach I will ask a new client where they are with their happiness level. The answers range – but typically I hear this, “No, I am not as happy as I’d like to be” or “I can’t remember the last time I was truly happy.”

I’d like you to take just a few minutes and ask yourself – “Am I happy?”

Take your time with this.

Sit and think about it.

Don’t rush.

What did you come up with?

If you are like the majority – you can at least admit to periods of time where happiness just wasn’t something you could add into a description of yourself. Tired, fatigued, worried, stressed, might be a few of the descriptive’s that surface initially. I know…. for years happiness was something that seemed far off….no longer in my reach…. slipping away like a fading sunset at the end of a very long day.

Life can be hard. Wasn’t it just easier as a kid to be happy? Birthdays, Christmas, summers. We didn’t need much to make us happy, did we? Give us a rain puddle or a swimming pool, a day at the zoo, an afternoon at the amusement park, going with our BF for an ice cream cone. We were set! The anticipation of knowing we were going on an adventure or having some sort of fun would just be the ticket to our happiness.

And then we decided to grow up and become adults. Adventures turned into developing careers, getting married, having children, becoming responsible. It’s what they call #adulting. Now please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that can bring more joy than finally embarking on that career you always wanted…. or getting married to the love of your life…. or having babies…but along with these things comes bills that have to be paid and extra things to think through, decisions to make…being responsible. And then, just like that, very slowly we wake up one day to find out we are extremely depleted in being happy.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make as we become adults is to stop being a kid, having fun, losing that passion and excitement for adventures.

"...becoming like a child means that we maintain and nourish the wonderful characteristics and qualities of children..."

Jesus taught about becoming like a child. Not that we are to be ignorant, untrained or uneducated – because God gave us the Scriptures so we can learn, grow, mature, become students, disciples, followers of Jesus. Instead, becoming like a child means that we maintain and nourish the wonderful characteristics and qualities of children that life can sometimes take away from us. Experiencing the life of God in this life requires humility like a child.

Let’s take a look at what some of them are:

creativity & imagination

tenderness of conscience

wonder & awe

openness about feelings & emotions


an eternal hope

playfulness & humor


easy to forgive

boundless exuberance & energy

always thinking the best about people & life

a willingness to grow & learn

undying love

So, let’s remember to have fun. Laugh. Play. Imagine. Sing. Dance. Hope. Dream. Forgive. Create. Trust. Live life to the full. Be excited. Be adventurous. Be tender of heart. And most of all…love. When you reconnect with becoming more child-like you will see the kingdom of heaven rise again in your life.

Read Matthew 18 (AMP)

Health & Life Coach Suzi