What Makes Your Soul Come Alive?

Exodus 20:8 Reimagining Sabbath

A few years ago, I was introduced to the works of philosopher, Abraham Joshua Heschel. His writings had a profound impact on me. Especially, when it came to a particularly haunting question.

Lately, I ‘ve had the opportunity to present that question, almost daily, as I am often interacting with individuals who are experiencing a chronic sense of overwhelm.

The simplest solution is to create balance. To ensure that input is equal to or greater than expenditure. To intentionally remain in a state of surplus and not allow oneself to get to a place of scarcity.

This is where self-care comes in. When asked, most people respond by defining self-care with the very valid but limited idea of pampering. You know, massages, mani-pedi’s, yoga, etc. All good, but there is a deeper experience available. And that is what I present for your consideration.

It comes in the form of that question I mentioned earlier and exists within the context of Sabbath.

"the invitation to experience sacred moments in time"

The idea of Sabbath, as presented here, is not one specific moment in time, but rather the invitation to experience sacred moments in time and how the activities in those moments flow from Heschel’s provocative question.

Here it is, “What makes your soul come alive?” This is where we get to be honest. Most of us don’t have a clue as to what that is, but the answer to the question can have the singular most profound effect on an individual’s life.

I invite you today to consider this question and what the expression of it looks like for you.

Someone once said that, “A mind expanded by an original thought can never return to its original dimensions.” Heschel’s original thought is an expansion of experience for anyone who will embrace it. I'd like to spend some more time with this idea of reimagining Sabbath and invite you to share your thoughts around this topic.

Juan is a Transformational Fitness Coach - combining personal training with health/life/spiritual coaching. Co-Founder of Whole Body Health International